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Academy of Art Canada: for the Aspiring Poetic Realist

A traditional drawing and painting academy in Toronto, Canada

for the aspiring fine artist devoted to the study of poetic realism
in portraiture, figurative, landscape and still life art

Small groups per class  · Student learns at own pace  · All levels welcome

A program for those who wish to secure a comprehensive artistic foundation derived from the full spectrum of traditional drawing and painting, Academy of Art Canada offers a strong curriculum which differs from those courses which on one hand, stress excessive 'expression' to the exclusion of accuracy, but also from more recent programs which stress the opposite: an emphasis on exact descriptive accuracy - to the exclusion of those aspects of picture making which elevate the subject from the literally real to the poetically real. The AAC program is available full-time or part-time, meeting each student's needs. Workshops are available for those not enrolled in the applied program.

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    Derived from the study of five hundred years of art, Academy of Art Canada is the choice for those who want a sincere, pre-1900, step-by-step alternative in art instruction. A strong emphasis is placed on accurate drawing and artistic interpretation - learning from the poetic realism of the past. The student learns their craft from studying the artistic thinking and historical techniques of the Renaissance through Early Flemish, Venetian, Baroque, Dutch/Flemish landscape, 18th century British, 19th century Parisian, Barbizon, Tonalist and Hudson River.  It can be taught.

 •  Read: Our Concerns Regarding the Sight-Size Method

    The future of painting is the student of today who has developed an accurate eye for nature along with an ability to conceptualize these perceptions in artistic terms derived from great work of the past. These are the artists who will be fully equipped to discover the true beauty and mystery in the art of painting - allowing them to build upon tradition and fully realize their unique, artistic visions within the world of today.

A Toronto academy of realist art with a traditional difference.

    Academy of Art Canada is a Toronto school of art specializing in the comprehensive instruction of fine drawing skills along with indirect oil painting techniques in traditionally natural, northern-sourced daylight. Painting instruction begins early in our program in tandem with one's developing drawing skills.

    Academy of Art Canada's Toronto figure drawing sessions are hosted in small groups in our custom built, natural north light figure drawing studio, with convenient year round scheduling.

    Academy of Art Canada's Toronto art classes are available full time as well as part time, every day except for Sundays. Of all the art schools in Toronto, the AAC is one which offers a single class per week pace for those who are unable to attend at a more applied pace. Academy of Art Canada's Toronto art lessons are also available evenings, on Mondays and/or Wednesdays. Toronto art schools vary considerably in approach. Please see above link regarding our concerns over today's widespread reliance on sight-size training for flat cast study work (Bargues), and pictorial painting curriculum.

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